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Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate | If you have been on the internet in the past month, then you’ve surely come across a video of an in shape bald guy wearing sunglasses giving his unique views on politics, the world, women, and our society. That individual  is Andrew Tate, a former kickboxing champion, and current entrepreneur who has amassed riches beyond comprehension, at least according to himself.

Andrew Tate also has an avid, and exponentially growing social media presence and fan base, which he has used to shoot himself to the top of several platforms. But, for the selected few who might be living under a rock, and missed the rise of Cobra Tate, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Andrew Tate’s Early Life

Emory Andrew Tate was born on the 14th of December, 1986, in Washington, USA. He is of Scottish and English descent, and spent much of his childhood traveling the globe. Which is the reason for his unique accent.

His father, Emory Tate, was a world renowned chess player, who also served time in the US military. While in the military, Emory would win the US armed forces championship in chess 3 times.

Andrews parents divorced when he was 10, and he, along with his brother Tristan and sister Janie, moved to England with their mother. There, Andrew picked up a job where he had to move 80-pound boxes of frozen fish at 5 am, in order to help his mother pay the bills and provide for his siblings.

How He Started Fighting

From a young age, Andrew Tate had an interest in fighting as his father wished for both his sons to be capable adults, in which a teaching of martial arts was necessary. So, at age 6, along with learning how to play chess, Tate began to take lessons in boxing, kickboxing

and karate. The reason behind andrew tate pursuit of fighting was simple: Tate loved to fight. In many interviews, Tate has said he enjoyed fighting for the pleasure of it as it made him come to terms with what he was good at and what he wasn’t. So, Tate wanted to use the hardship and struggle that comes with fighting to become a strong adult.

Career Achievements

In 2005, Andrew Tate won the International Sport Karate Association (ISKA) Full Contact Cruiserweight championship in England. Along with a trophy, he came to be recognized as the number 1 fighter in his weight class in all of Europe.

In 2009, beat Paul Randall for the International Sport Karate Association English Light-cruiserweight title. Also KO’d Daniel Hughes the same year. Tate had a controversial loss to Jean-Luc Beniot for the ISKA World Full-Contact Light Heavyweight Championship, as he and many in the attendance thought Tate easily won the fight.

But, the fight was taking place in Beniot’s hometown, so the judges gave him the decision. After appealing to the commission, Tate would be granted a rematch against Beniot, and this time he left no doubts as to who was the better fighter between the two as he KO’d Beniot in round 8th round.

In 2013, Tate won his second ISKA world title in a 12-round match. It was Tate’s second world title in two different weight divisions.

Tate also had 2 MMA fights, but decided not to compete in the sport due to the damage his eyes had taken during his kickboxing career.

Self Help Programs

Andrew Tate started what’s known as Hustler University to address people’s need for learning financial literacy. He claims that it’s almost impossible to learn how to make money or run a business through a traditional university, as most of the professors there have never been businessmen.

The university works through an affiliate sign up link, which can be shared for other. Almost 80,000 students are signed up to it through a 49 dollar monthly plan.

While, his War Room program is something different. Andrew Tate has said he wishes to create a group of people who think like him and want the same things as him, and together, they can help each other improve mentally, physically, and spiritually. So, War Room program addresses these needs.

Similar to the Hustler University, War Room also works on an affiliate sign up link, which can be shared, and requires a monthly plan or annual plan.


Andrew Tate made his riches through his sharp business mind. Tate owns several casinos throughout Romania, which he started after realizing that he could partner up with a sponsor who also worked in the casino business. Tate used his ingenuity by offering free coffee to whoever came to the casino, which drove business away from his competitors and towards his business.

Another business venture is his webcam business, which he started prior to the current boom. He grew the webcam business to a point where they had 75 women working in 4 locations. At its peak, Tate claims the business was bringing in a whopping 600,000 dollars a month.

Now, Tate is living the good life as he works very little in the self sufficient business while taking home a cool 20 to 30 percent of the income. Lastly, or at least we think as it’s hard to know exactly how Andrew Tate is buying all these supercars, more on that later.

But, let’s focus on his Only Fans management business for now, which he runs with his younger brother Tristan. Andrew claims the business brings in about $200k a month in revenue.

Social Media Presence

Andrew Tate Speech, the youtube channel, has 652 thousand subscribers and has amassed 64,415,409 views. Tate is said to make anywhere from 10,000 dollars to 80,000 dollars per video. On Instagram, Tate has a growing following of 3.8 million, where you can see the former kickboxing champ showing off his riches, while delivering his unique thoughts on the world in the captions.

Or playing with his nunchucks atop a yacht in the middle of some beautiful European sea. Along with some incredible scenic views and travel destinations, which are bound to make you jealous, if you aren’t already. Tate’s recent glow up in fame came through the viral dancing app, Tik Tok, as his interviews and podcast appearances were cut up into smaller segments and blasted through app. However, he doesn’t have an account himself.

Just to show his popularity, his name has generated over 10 billion views on Tik Tok and everyday, there are more videos and more views.

It’s no wonder Tate claims he’s taken over the internet.

His Family

As of now, Andrew Tate isn’t married nor does he have children, which we know of. His relationships have caused quite a stir in the media as he says he has multiple girlfriends, all of whom live with him at his home. He also shares his home with his brother Tristan and some of his cousins as well. While, his father passed away a few years earlier, which was hard for Andrew, as his father worked low wage jobs most of his life after leaving the army and now, Andrew and his brother have been able to amass a fortune, but cannot show his father this luxury life.

So, despite some of the aggressive attitude, it seems like Andrew does have a caring heart after all.

Show Appearances

Most famously, Andrew Tate appeared on season 17 of Big Brother UK. Although he was never nominated to be eliminated, Tate lasted 7 days, as the producers pulled the plug on him after discovering some controversial videos about his past. Those 7 days were quite eventful and entertaining as Tate had the Big Brother house arguing and fighting the moment he entered the house. Tate has also appeared on some of the largest podcast shows in the world. His appearance on the Full Send Podcast has garnered nearly 6 million views in just 5 days making it the 3rd most popular podcast episode in the show’s history already. While his Your Moms House appearance sits at almost 3 million.

Tate also appeared on the popular BFFs podcast hosted by Dave Portnoy, which has almost 2 million views and is already the top 5 most viewed podcast in their shows history. He also hopped on twitch to be interviewed by Adin Ross on two difference occasions, one of which has 4 million views, while the other is at 2 million.

Lavish Life

Andrew tate

If his travel pictures didn’t make you jealous, then get ready because we’re about to go through some of Andrew Tate’s supercar collection. Starting with the Lambo Aventador EVO RWD Spyder, a frequent in his Instagram reel, the car costs about 287,400 dollars and isn’t even the most expensive car he owns. Tate also has a 316,000 dollar Aston Martin DBS. 114,000 dollar Porsche 922. 388,000 dollar Ferrari 812 Superfast. 343,000 dollar Rolls Royce Wraith. 230,000 dollar McLaren 720S. But the king of his car collection is the 4 million dollar Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport.

On top of all of that, Tate has an immense property portfolio that spans many different European countries, including his current home country of Romania. There, Tate lives in a giant compound house with armed guards and also features a swimming pool, personalized gym, chess room, and a giant front and backyard for his dogs to play in.

His Net Worth

Much of Andrew Tate’s riches are tied to his name, as Tate has said himself. So, his company’s value depends on Tate’s popularity and success. This can make it tricky to know exactly how much they are worth. If we take Tate at his word, the companies are multi-millions dollar making machines, but Tate has also said he’s a trilloinaire in interviews. So, perhaps taking his word on this one might not be the best. But, judging by the cars he does own, his casino business, his programs, and the monthly revenue brought in from his social media, there is no doubt Tate is rich.

How rich exactly? We’d estimate his net worth is in between 350-355 hundred millions, but not billionaire statue. Just yet.

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