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Cindy William

Cindy William is a true icon! She skyrocketed to fame with her unforgettable performance as Shirley Feeney in the classic TV show “Laverne & Shirley.” And let’s not forget her unforgettable role as Laurie Henderson in “American Graffiti” – her talent earned her a BAFTA nomination and solidified her place in Hollywood history. Simply put, Cindy Williams is a gifted actress who continues to captivate audiences with her on-screen presence.

Real NameCindy Williams
Profession(s)Actress, Director, Producer
OccupationActress, Producer, Writer
BirthdayAugust 22, 1947
Birth DetailsAugust 22, 1947, Van Nuys, California, United States
Zodiac SignLeo
Age75 years

With a dynamic career that encompasses acting, directing, producing, and writing, Cindy Williams continues to captivate audiences with her talent. Born on August 22nd, 1947 in Van Nuys, California, this 75-year-old beauty is proud to call herself an American. Known both on and off stage by her birth name, Cindy’s timeless on-screen presence and undeniable talent solidify her place in entertainment history.

Born on August 22, 1947, in the city of Van Nuys, Los Angeles, Cindy Williams was raised in a family that valued creativity and the arts. Her mother and father instilled in her a love for the arts from a young age, and this would shape her future aspirations. At one year old, Cindy’s family moved to Dallas, Texas, but eventually returned to the San Fernando Valley when she was ten, where she grew up in a supportive environment with her sister Carol Ann and half-brother Jim.

As a child, Cindy was drawn to acting and would often put on her plays, inspired by her favorite actress, Debbie Reynolds. She had a natural talent for the arts, and her hard work and determination paid off when she graduated from Birmingham High School in 1965 with classmates who would go on to become successful, such as Sally Field and Michael Ovitz. Cindy then continued her education at Los Angeles City College where she studied theater arts and further solidified her passion for acting.

Early life

Cindy Williams has had a successful career that has lasted for decades, and her talent continues to captivate audiences. She serves as an inspiration to those pursuing a career in the arts, embodying the American Dream through her hard work, passion, and determination. Her success demonstrates that with the right attitude, anything is possible.

Early Career

Following her college graduation, Cindy’s exceptional acting abilities were quickly recognized and she was cast in several commercials, serving as the launching pad for her successful career. She then went on to star in hit TV shows like “The Nanny,” “Room 222,” and “Love, American Style.” It was during this time that Cindy honed her skills at The Actors Studio West, which equipped her to take on more prominent roles in films like “Travels with My Aunt,” “American Graffiti,” and “The Conversation.” Her performance in “American Graffiti” was particularly noteworthy, earning her a BAFTA award nomination for Best Supporting Actress, and cementing her status as a talented actress.

Although Cindy auditioned for the legendary movie “Star Wars,” she missed out on the role of Princess Leia, which eventually went to Carrie Fisher. However, her unrelenting dedication and passion for acting continued to lead her to new heights of success, and she captivated audiences with her performances for many years to come. Cindy’s journey from college to the big screen is a testament to her exceptional talent, perseverance, and unwavering love for acting.

Happy days and Laverne &Shirley

Cindy Williams rose to fame when she was cast in the iconic role of Shirley Feeney on the hit TV show “Laverne & Shirley.” The show saw her co-starring alongside Penny Marshall as Shirley’s best friend and roommate, Laverne DeFazio. The series was a huge success, captivating audiences for six seasons until it came to an end in 1982 due to the conflict between Williams and Marshall and the controversy surrounding Williams’s pregnancy.

In 2013, Cindy and Penny were reunited in a guest appearance on the hit show “Sam & Cat.” The episode humorously addressed the events that had led to Cindy’s departure from “Laverne & Shirley” years before, and saw the two actresses reprising their roles as two 1970s producers who had once feuded and stopped speaking to each other. The episode was a nostalgic trip down memory lane for fans of the original show and proved that time had done nothing to dim the chemistry between the two stars.


Movie TitleYearGenres
The Conversation1974Drama, Mystery, Thriller
American Graffiti1973Comedy, Drama
Travels with My Aunt1972Adventure, Comedy
The Killing Kind1973Drama, Horror, Thriller, Crime
Father of the Bride1991Comedy, Family, Romance
Drive, He Said1971Drama, Comedy, Sport
Mr. Ricco1975Thriller, Crime, Drama
Big Man on Campus1989Comedy, Fantasy
The First Nudie Musical1976Musical, Comedy
More American Graffiti1979Comedy, War, Drama

Personal Life and Legacy

In 1982, Cindy Williams tied the knot with Bill Hudson of the musical trio, Hudson Brothers. The couple was blessed with two adorable offspring, a daughter, Emily, and a son, Zachary. Sadly, their union didn’t work out in the long run and they went their separate ways in 2000.

Latest Career

In 1990, Cindy Williams made a comeback in the television industry with appearances in shows such as “Normal Life” and “Getting By.” She also made guest appearances on popular TV series. In addition, she took part in major national tours for productions like “Grease,” “Death Trap,” “Moon over Buffalo,” and “Nunsense.” She made her Broadway debut as Mrs. Tottendale in “The Drowsy Chaperone.” Cindy also starred in Jenny Craig commercials and had guest roles in the TV show “For Your Love” (1998).

In November 2008, Cindy reunited with her “Laverne & Shirley” co-star Eddie Mekka in the comedy play “It Had to be You.” In 2013, she joined forces with Penny Marshall once again on the show “Sam & Cat” in the episode “Salmon Cat.” In 2015, Cindy published her memoir “Shirley, I Jest,” which she co-wrote with Dave Smitherman. She is currently involved in the celebrity branding for Visiting Angels, a senior citizen service organization.


It is with a heavy heart that I announce the passing of Cindy Williams, the talented performer renowned for her impeccable portrayal of Shirley Feeney in the beloved television series “Laverne & Shirley.” Her assistant, Liza Cranis, has confirmed that Williams passed away peacefully following a brief but undisclosed ailment. Unfortunately, the exact cause of her death has not been disclosed to the public.

As many fans may recall, “Laverne & Shirley” was a spin-off from the hit show “Happy Days” and ran from 1976 to 1983. During this time, Williams and her co-star Penny Marshall captivated audiences with their comedic timing and endearing personalities, solidifying their place in the annals of television history.

The loss of such a gifted artist is a somber reminder of the transience of life and the profound impact that one individual can have on the lives of so many. May she rest in peace

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