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Druski was born Drew Dawit Desbordes on September 12 1994 in Gwinnett county a northern suburb of Atlanta Georgia. Growing up in Atlanta, it provided Druski the opportunity to experience a wide range of diverse cultures and characters something that would prove to be invaluable when he would later dream up his very own comedy personalities.

Now like most young boys in the south, Druski played a whole bunch of sports as a kid, largely because it helped him stay out of trouble. However, when it came time for in-class learning well, Druski just wants to goof around and honestly, we completely agree with that sentiment.

Looking back at that time in his life, he would later say, “Some kids would be like yo I want to be the best dressed or yo I want to be the best athlete. I used to literally say in my mind in elementary school I want to be the funniest this year. I want to be the funniest kid in the class. I would just f*** off all class and act an ass”



It was not exactly something that his parents both academically minded were a fan of. Druski’s father was a pilot and attended Howard University before graduating from the United States air force academy whereupon he embarked upon a career that would earn him a wall of honor nominee at the Smithsonian national air and space museum. Meanwhile his mom was a master of science in public health and has previously worked at the Center for disease control and prevention. All of that is to say that when Druski’s slacking waves were made apparent to his parents, his mom lost it and cried in bitter disappointment.


Druski said,” I don’t I don’t think school is for everybody but I feel like a lot of people need school to find out what their calling is and to find out what they want to do in life”. So Druski’s lack of enthusiasm for his education almost came back to bite him in the ass and postpone his graduation. If it had not been for the assistance from his Spanish teacher Nancy g who let him hand in a very basic Spanish language project to credit him with two years of Spanish.

After high school Druski attended Georgia Gwinnett College for a few years before transferring to Georgia southern university in Statesboro, a town he largely picked because he heard the parties in this sleepy town were legendary. Turns out that was a bit of an exaggeration though and after he got there, Druski found himself bored out of his mind with nothing to do. This predicament led Druski to falling into a deep depression. He stopped showing up for class and in order to bring a little bit of light into his life.

He would watch videos of comedians on YouTube guys like Steve Harvey Kevin Hart Dave Chappelle and a bunch more.

Dropping Out

After two semesters of living his life like this, Druski finally dropped out. He said, “I was really sad because I really didn’t know what my purpose was in life you know I knew but I didn’t know how like to to go and do it like I just had to say I’m about to take a risk drop out and just go and do it you know what I’m saying”. 

His mom was left utterly disappointed and even worse his grandma was so livid that she threatened to cut him off completely from her life. Upon his return home from school Druski moved in with his mom and got a job working at his local red lobster. It was not exactly the high point of his life and it was only made all the worse when he tried his hand at making some fast cash by defrauding people. Something he quickly learned was not for him when he ended up being robbed of all the money he had earned.

Thankfully, it also motivated him to prove that he could accomplish his dreams. By that point in his life, Druski not only knew what he wanted to do and he understood it was time to prove all of his hate is wrong.


In October of 2017, Druski began posting his very first sketches to Instagram after having dabbled a bit in YouTube beforehand with his buddy. He said,” I did YouTube uh with my boy Devonte we did about four videos we did some vlogs and then uh I started I just told myself I said man I’m trying to do this Instagram this Instagram thing on my own” 

As he plugged away this content creating more and more unforgettable characters he found himself earning the phantom and respect of some gigantic names in the entertainment industry. We are talking the likes of drake, who ended up inviting Druski to appear in his music video for ‘laugh now cry later’ after watching a few of his sketches.

As the star continued to rise, Druski would strike up friendships with more and more celebrities. In fact, he developed such a genuine friendship with Cleveland brown’s wide receiver Adele Beckham Jr that the athlete invited the comedian to live with him for the off-season last spring in Los Angeles.

Apparently, Odell fell in love with the energy that Druski brings with him wherever he goes in terms of his future unsurprisingly Druski has ambitions to expand beyond his current primary hub of social media. He has already filmed three episodes of an independent YouTube series called ‘The guys’ and uploaded them to YouTube. This project is something he likes to describe as jackass meets the office where he and his friends get themselves in and out of some truly awkward situations.

Not only does this project allow Druski to continue to build his brand but also it has the added side benefit of giving him some shine to his day ones who have been with him since the start. In addition, while he has been tight-lipped about his potential Hollywood work, he is in talks to produce a star in his very own series, which is his ultimate goal.

Speaking about the potential of his future he told,” it is no boundaries man, I can do anything. Tomorrow I might say I’m a horseback rider. I live with no boundaries. I don’t like being boxed in” 

Currently his net worth stands at about $600K. Both the man and his comedy are simply too unique.

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