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Over the span of three years, JiDion has amassed over 9.5 million subscribers across two very successful channels. He is currently 22 and have a net worth of $1.5 million.


JiDion was born Jadon Adams on 12 December 2000 raised in a Christian household in Houston Texas. Entering school, JiDion would find himself pretending to be someone who he was not and was struggling to fit in. he would go to YouTube to see Comfort by watching his favorite YouTubers such as Andante, YourRage and KSI. After spending so much time, being a consumer on YouTube JiDion would ultimately feel the urge to become a producer.

Therefore, at age 12, he would do just that by making a channel and posting Call of Duty gameplay videos, videos that would ultimately be lost with the time. 

Throughout High School JiDion would continue to develop, as a person and he would find himself a friend group that supported him and brought out his good energy. This led to 12 February 2019 when JiDion would post his first public video a video titled ‘I got suspended for hustling at my school’. This view would Mark the beginning of a new chapter in JiDion’s life.

2019 would be the year that JiDion would set his Planes into motion, as he would post his second video on 16 February only four days after his first. The video was titled ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ and was a high school dancing competition with the grand prize of $25 because that is all he had at the time.  JiDion’s energy carried the video as he got everyone in school to come together and to dance and spread Positive Vibes, a strong foreshadowing for Gideon’s future.

His goal was to give everyone a positive memory to look back on and even though the event did not go to plan, he was still happy.

Going forwards, Jaden would take his videos into the real world with a third video titled ‘Does size matter?’ a video where JiDion and his two best friends Maddie and Shaq would walk around a shopping mall asking random girls if size matters.

Even though JiDion only had 30 Subs at the time both Shaq and Manny kept up with this energy. Everything would change on 27 February when JiDion would post ‘Giving strangers the N-word pass ’. This would help push JiDion to reach 1k subscribers by April 2019. At first JiDion’s content would not be super viral with most videos getting between 1 to 10 thousand views per weeks after upload. However, that would change mid-April 2019 when he posts this truly first viral video.

A video titled ‘Put the gloves on public boxing’. This video features amateur boxing matches in his backyard. Even though JiDion himself was knocked out this video was still a huge win, as it would go on to gain over 5 million views. 

this video would ultimately put JiDion on the map and he took advantage of the situation perfectly by creating Innovative and unique ideas that hadn’t been done before with videos such as ‘Picking up girls in Goodwill clothes’, ‘Picking up girls in 1700s clothes’ and ‘Flexing obviously fake Gucci on Strangers’.

From here each of his videos began snowballing in views until he ended the year with just over 100 000 subscribers and 10 million views.

JiDion would enter 2020 with the video ‘Messing with comedians at comedy club’. In this video, Gideon would go to a local comedy club and intentionally tell edgy and dark jokes.  JiDion’s content was still evolving and part of the evolution was focusing more on JiDion rather than how it was in 2019 when it was split between JiDion and his friends.

Doing videos himself allowed him to be more flexible with what times he could film and what ideas; he could enact which would ultimately help him pump out more and more content. However, when everything seemed to be going well things went south when JiDion was stuck at 244,000 subscribers. He stayed at 244k for six whole months, losing subscribers with each upload. JiDion was getting closer to losing his channel.

JiDion finally overcame the 244k curse posting a video, which would leave a lasting mark on his channel forever, a video titled ‘They banned me so I got a disguise’. In this video JiDion found an empty Shoe Palace box and took it to the store to try to return it. Things would quickly escalate when Tyrone would tell him not to ever step back foot inside that store again.

So what did Gideon do? Well, JiDion sought Revenge. This meant war and sure enough, JiDion would return only to be kicked out of the store once again. this point onwards Jude almost sit on a mission to get some real revenge on Tyrone and on the 8th of September posted a video titled ‘the manager banned me so I made a diss track’, a video where he returned to Shoe Palace but this time with a diss track. 

This video would go on to gain over 5 million views and create an inside joke that would live on forever throughout the rest of his content. He would end 2020 with 340,000 subscribers and 20 million views.


Entering 2021 on 22 January to Jim would post a video titled ‘pranking a professional golf instructor’, a video where he would cause a Ruckus during his golf lesson.  The video would be followed up by another video titled ‘boxing match of the century’. This video would go on to gain over 6 million views.

His Biggest Tragedy

When everything seemed to be looking up for JiDion things took an extreme turn for the worse when it’s 3:30 a.m. on the 5th of February two boys were found deceased in an apartment one of those bodies belonging to Shaquan O’cure Evans, JiDion’s childhood friend and day one collaborator and supporter. This tragedy would hit him hard and on 12 February the poster, video titled ‘LEGENDS NEVER DIE (RIP Shaq)’ a video where he will reminisce on his times and experiences shared with Shaq.  He also entered the video with unreleased clips from an unfinished video that they were working on the time he passed.

Weeks later on 20 February Judea would bounce back with a new video a video titled ‘returning to the iHop I destroyed 4 years ago’. A lighthearted return, which you do not reveal a tragic toilet tale. He would ultimately decide that he would return to the store four years later to apologize and give the employee who had to clean it. This video would go into gain over 3.7 million views which would be nothing compared to the next few of the Hood post.

‘taking a bath during online college classes’, a video which would become JiDion’s second most popular video sitting at over 17 million views. This video would take his growth to the next level leading him to great second half of the Year going from 600,000 subscribers in March over to 1 million subscribers by September. He will dedicate this Milestone to Shaq with a sub count live stream.

By now, Gideon had figured out the formula of creating viral content and would continue to pump out quality and Innovative videos. JiDion’s Unique Ideas brought new Viewers in whilst his humble and humorous personality can produce old viewers returning to each upload. It was also at this point that JiDion started getting into streaming on his second channel, JiDionPremium.


The channel to be an instant success leading to him reaching 100,000 subscribers by November simply by posting react and story time streams. Entering 2022, he decided to expand his reach over to Twitch since the platform offers a better chat and general viewing experience. He would stream daily for the first two weeks of 2022 until 13 January when he would be canceled and banned off the platform.

JiDion would encourages viewers to Type L+ ratio in Pokemane’s stream and to DM people in her chat which will have him on receiving a 14-day ban on Twitch. JiDion was officially Under Fire and though several news articles adding fuel to the fire leading to twitch ultimately changing their decision to expand the 14-day ban to a permanent ban.

Whilst on a service level being banned on Twitch may seem like combining inconvenience, especially due to JiDion’s huge following an influence on platforms such as YouTube, TikTok and Twitter, the ban would have an impact bigger than expected. Due to twitch’s community guidelines restricting streamers from featuring bans or suspended users on their Channel, this made JiDion instantly cut off by many big streaming influences. Simply due to the fact, you could no longer collab with them without risking their own channels being terminated.

On 3 February JiDion would tweet, “Ask me and Poki questions”. The Tweet would be followed up two weeks later on 16 February when Judea would post a collab video with Pokemane ending the beef from the most wholesome way possible. 

even with JiDion making up with Pokey and the controversy being over, twitch still wouldn’t unban him forcing Judy on to move back to his second channel to stream and this was arguably a blessing in disguise. Streaming on his second channel would cause cataclysmic growth, as he would continue to react to popular content and repost on a second Channel posting several times a day propelling his second channel to reach 1 million subscribers by May and his main channel to reach 5 million.

On 4 August, JiDion would post a video titled ‘Twitch banned me so I snuck into Twitch Con’. The goal of the video was to sneak into twitch con to take a photo with Tommy in it and meet other streamers whilst undercover. However, things would quickly go downhill when JiDion began to be accused of various things from Tommy in instance.

After the event was over, TommyInnit would call out Gideon on a stream throwing all sorts of untrue allegations and claims. This sort of misinformation to be put out from such a large Creator caused many people to go against Gideon for no reason whatsoever.

Fortunately, JiDion had it all on camera and the misunderstanding was resolved when JiDion and TommyInnit contact each other behind the scenes and Tommy apologized for what he had done. JiDion almost quickly becoming a hot topic for drama channels and would find himself in the headlines of the H3 podcast and Hassan ABI streams. whilst Judean would defend himself and speak out when he thought it was done wrong by he wouldn’t act maliciously towards others and often opted to talk things out directly either on stream or behind the scenes when the cameras are off.

On 25 August YouTube Legend Corey X Kenshin would post a YouTube call out titled ‘YouTube racism and favoritism’, a video discussing a huge problem with how the platform treats its creators. Whilst it has commonly known that twitch is a platform, which favors women over men.

On stream, JiDion would discover a streamer known as Kamika, a streamer who made ways for having intercourse live on stream. JiDion contacted Kamika on stream to ask how long the ban was for and he found out that the ban was only for seven days. this outrageous sexism would lead JiDion to post a hit piece on his main Channel titled ‘Twitch Sexist and Favoritism’, a video inspired by Core X Kenshin’s video where JiDion would call out twitch for how unfairly they treat you their creators especially the male ones.

In addition, that is the story of Gideon up until now.

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