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This is the story of one of country music’s most significant and prolific artist in the business today, the very talented, Miss Miranda Lambert. Miranda Lambert has had quite the long and illustrious career accomplishing many well respected Milestones, accolades and awards throughout her time as an artist. It all started from her humble beginnings and facing hardships to her breakout success, navigating through relationships that hit the headlines throughout her career and of course, where she is today cementing her name into country music forever.

Miranda Lee Lambert was born in Longview, Texas on November 10, 1983. She spent most of her time growing up primarily in the northeastern town of Lindale Texas where her parents Beverly and Richard established and ran a private investigation agency.


During Miranda’s childhood, she was very shy and quiet and did not really begin to open up until about fifth grade. when the time came that Miranda finally did open up, others were quick to take note of her personality and her talents because in Middle School Miranda Lambert was voted most likely to become a country singer.

Miranda Lambert’s childhood was also surrounded by country music. While her father would play guitar around the house and he was a songwriter himself, Lambert found a true love for country music as well through some of her Idols like Merle Haggard, Loretta Lynn and Emily Lou Harris and many of the Texas country music scene artists. However, her music taste also spanned outside of country music with rock influences like Jet and Audio slave.

 However, one artist in particular that left Miranda at awe was Mariah Carey. In addition, I think it is safe to say that you can see and hear a touch of each of Miranda’s inspirations, inner music and performances today. Again, music definitely had its heavy impact on Miranda but another piece to her childhood that had much impact as well on her life was at the young age of just six years old after her family became homeless.

Family Struggle

At the time Miranda’s parents business experienced hardship and fell behind on house payments. At the time, Lambert’s family packed up from their home and then moved in with their Uncle until her parents found another home. The home the Lamberts found was a farmhouse located in Lindale, Texas and it needed much work. So much so, it was on the verge of being torn down. However, the repairs that were needed played a significant role in the Lambert securing the home. In addition, in exchange for the repairs the owner agreed to letting they live there.

In an interview with Good Morning America back in 2010, Miranda Lambert detailed the events and said,” We were homeless. It sounds weird to say now but we were so blessed the next thing you know the bankers coming saying- I need the keys”.

Miranda continued and explained the shape of their new home in Lindale saying,” Some of the windows were boarded up and we never did get central heating. Therefore, when you had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, you had to run because it was freezing. All that being said it is a sad story but it is also a happy story as it also built our family back. It made us stronger than ever. I want for when I have a family one day hopefully I do not have to go through the hardship to get there but. I’m really glad I did as I know how to build that in my own life”.

Miranda’s parents also spoke about the difficult time and their new home during an interview with the Associated Press. They said,” When we got that house we rented it and renovated it and that was The House That built us up”. Beverly, Miranda’s mother added,” We didn’t know it at the time but it did”. And Miranda’s father Rick who was also interviewed said,” We had no food in our house. It was horrible. It was a horrible time because I felt like even though it wasn’t my fault, our fault, I had a terrible time with that”.

In addition, of course as most know, this story became the inspiration behind one of Lambert’s most popular and outstanding songs, her song titled ‘The House That Built Me’ off her album ‘Revolution’.

Her Career

However, as time went on and Lindale became her new home, Miranda Lambert looked forward and started honing in on her own music path more and more. Lambert jump-started it all when she joined the Texas Pride band in high school as well as performing throughout the Texas bar circuits. She played on the ‘Johnny High Country Music Review’, which is the same talent show that launched ‘Leanne runs’. She learned how to win over a Crowd by performing at the historic Rio Palm dance hall in Longview Texas where several greats like Willie Nelson have played including also where Brooks and Dunn got their start.

Also during her time as a high scholar at the age of 16, Miranda Lambert actually got the opportunity to record a demo tape out in Nashville. However, she was not feeling it at all; as she deemed it too pop country.

In an interview with Red Book back in 2011, Miranda said,” My dad bought me a guitar when I was like 10 and I did not really want it then. However, I did this demo in Nashville when I was 16 with some songs that had been chosen for me, that were sweet poppy country. 

They did not move me at all. When I came home, I was as if I have more to say. Therefore, I went to Dad and said that guitar, how about teaching me a few chords. I wrote my first song in two days, it felt like right this is what I am supposed to do. I’m really fortunate because in my career I haven’t had to deal with anybody trying to make me something that I’m not.

From 17 on she began writing her own songs more, more, and working tirelessly to find her place in music. Her next big Venture came only two years later. in the year of 2003, at just 19 years old, when she was a contestant on the reality TV singing competition at the time ‘Nashville star’. In addition, on that year the inaugural season of the show, Miranda Lambert made it all the way to the top three. Ultimately, she placed third overall behind runner-up John Arthur Martinez and winner Buddy Jewell.

Now what is interesting is Miranda did not want to really win Nashville star at all. In an interview later in her career, Miranda said,”it was because the winner had to go in right after the contest and make a record in a couple of weeks and I wasn’t ready”. Now not winning the competition did work in her favor because her time spent on the show was not wasted at all.

During her time on that show, she caught the attention of Judge and Sony Music executive Tracy Gershen. In addition, shortly following the finale of that season on September 15 2003, Miranda Lambert signed her first record deal with Epic Records. The rest is history

In 2005, Miranda released her debut album ‘Kerosene’.’ Me and Charlie Talking’ was the first single to be released from that album and only peaked at number 27. While the second single, ‘Bring Me Down’ peaked only at number 32 on the charts.

However, when she released Kerosene, it was a meteoric rise from there. Kerosene the album also reached number one on the top country albums chart at the time and the record has since went platinum. since her debut album, Miranda has released seven Studio records ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’, ‘Revolution’, ‘for the record’, ‘Platinum’, ‘The Weight of These Wings’, ‘Wild Card’ and ‘Palomino’. In addition, of course the collaborative album ‘The Marfa Tapes’ which is just an absolute incredible incredible album. Miranda Lambert is also a member of the country Trio ‘The Pistol Annie’s’ featuring Ashley Monroe and Angelina Presley which has also been a very huge success in her career.


Along with the many albums that Miranda has released and them certifying platinum, multi-platinum and gold, she has had quite the award history as well. ‘ACM top new female vocalist’ in 2007. Several female vocalists of the Year Awards from both the ACMs and the CMAs. three Grammy Award wins for ‘best female country vocal performance’ for ‘The House That Built Me’ and two were for ‘best country album’ for her album’s ‘platinum’ and ‘wild card’.

In 2022, she took home her first ever ‘Entertainer of the Year’ award from the ACMs. The other nominees in the category were Carrie Underwood, Chris Stapleton, Eric Church and Luke Combs. That quite the nominee list and on that night that she won the award she was unfortunately not able to even accept it in person due to being overseas working in London. Miranda became one of nine female artists who ever win the award joining Barbara Mandrel, Reba McIntyre, Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, Shania Twain, the Dixie Chicks, Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift.


Her relationships that hit headlines with fellow artists in the business. Miranda’s first relationship to make headlines was back in 2006 when she and Blake Shelton began and dating after she broke off from a previous engagement and Blake split from his first wife. Jumping forward to 2010, Blake Shelton finally popped the question and asked Miranda Lambert to marry him and in 2011, the two tied the knot down at Don Strange Ranch in Texas.

But by 2015 the couple divorced and in a joint statement to US Weekly they said,” This is not the future that we envisioned and it is with heavy hearts that we move forward separately”. A clear reason never seemed to be shared regarding their decision to divorce but it was even being rumored at the time from sources alleging that Blake Shelton was spending more time with country singer Katie Groves. On the other hand, sources allege that Blake feared Miranda started seeing fellow country singer Chris Young that Chris Young has denied.

Time spent away from each other was also mentioned as well. Also the two not being on the same page when it came to having children. However, either way the two were able to move on. In addition, shortly after their split people reported that Miranda Lambert began dating musician Anderson East.

However, in 2018 the couple split as it appeared that the two spent too much time apart from one another. now shortly after Miranda’s breakup from Anderson East, it was then reported that she had been dating Turnpike Troubadour front man, Evan Felker in that same year after being on tour together on Miranda’s living like hippies tour. The relationship became questioned as Felker was in a marriage prior to going on tour with Miranda. Evan did however finalize his divorce but he and Lambert did not see each other long as the two would split from one another in August of 2018. In addition, Felker returned to his previous wife and welcomed a child.

From Rocky Relationships to now Miranda has found happiness and peace with her husband former New York City police officer, Brendan McLaughlin. The two married in private in 2019 and just recently celebrated their fourth year of marriage together and they do really look happy with one another. It is great to see Miranda doing well and doing what she truly loves to do.

Miranda of course gives back as well with her Mutt Nation Foundation efforts helping rescue animals and adoption for them. She has a true love for dogs and she has a sweet spot down on Lower Broadway in downtown Nashville named Casa Rosa. Her own clothing line with Idle Wind. again what a career, a very well-deserved successful career at that and there will only be more to come from Miranda Lambert in the future as she continues down the road of making her case for the Country Music Hall of Fame.

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