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Nijiro Murakami

Nijiro Murakami is the only son of actor Murakami Jun and singer UA. He is a Japanese actor and voice actor. When he was nine years old, his parents split, and he grew up with his mother, stepfather, and three half-siblings. He relocated to Okinawa with his family while still in preparatory school. Murakami also spent time studying in Montreal, Canada.

In 2014, Nijiro made his acting debut as Kaito in the award-winning film “Still the Water,” for which he got the Best Newcomer Award at the 29th Kasaki Film Festival. He made his television debut in the series “Tenshi no Naifu” in 2015. Later the same year, Nijiro Murakami appeared in the live-action adaptation of the anime series “AnoHana”, as well the movie “Wasurenai to Chikatta Boku ga Ita”. He is best known as the voice of Hiro Shishigami in the anime series “Inuyashiki”. Nijiro Murakami is presently represented by Decade, a Japanese talent agency.

NameNijiro Murakami
Native Name村上虹郎
Birth DateMarch 17,1997
Birth placeTokyo, Japan
Height5’6’’ 1.58m
Age25 years old
Father NameJun Murakami(actor)
Mother NameUa (singer)
Birth SignPisces
HobbySwimming , playing guitar, kendo , horse riding and speaking English
ProfessionActor,voice actor , Singer
Marital StatusSingle


2022Imawa no Kuni no Alice Season 2Chishiya Shuntaro8.9
2022Oliver na Inu, (Gosh!!) Konoyarou 2Support Role
2022Mirai e no 10 CountSaijo Momosuke7.7
2022Hoshi Shinichi no Fushigina Fushigina Tanpen Dorama[Shiroifuku no Otoko]8.1
2021Come Come EverybodyKijima Isamu8.0
2021The Naked Director 2Matsuo (Ep. 8)7.6
2021Iki wo HisometeMiyashita Shinpei (Ep. 3)8.0
2020Imawa no Kuni no Alice Season 1Chishiya Shuntaro8.8
2020MIU 404Kosaka Yoshitaka [Former detective] (Ep. 6)8.4
2018Kono Sekai no Katasumi niMizuhara Tetsu8.2
2018The Black CompanyKurata Ryuichi7.6
2017Dead StockTsuneta Riku7.4
2016Cold Case: Shinjitsu no TobiraDoguchi Ryo (Ep.5)8.3
2016Aogeba ToutoshiHiroto Aosima7.9
2016Botanical Life of Verandar: Season 3Hiiragi Kenichi (Ep.4)6.0
2016SHIBUYA Zero-ChoumeOgito9.5
2015Tenshi no NaifuMaruyama Jun [Boy C]7.3


2023Tokyo Revengers 2: Bloody Halloween – Decisive BattleKazutoraSupport Rolen/a
2023Tokyo Revengers 2: Bloody Halloween – DestinyKazutoraSupport Rolen/a
2022The Hound of the Baskervilles: Sherlock the MovieHasukabe ChisatoSupport Role7.9
2022Over and Over AgainShuheiMain Role7.9
2021The PretendersSekaiSupport Role5.5
2021Baragaki: Unbroken SamuraiOkada IzoSupport Role7.2
2021The Blood of Wolves Level 2Chikada KotaSupport Role7.8
2021Rurouni Kenshin: The BeginningOkita SoujiSupport Role8.5
2020Sasaki in My MindSudoSupport Role7.6

Net Worth

Nijiro Murakami revealed his net worth is 3.5 Million Dollars .

Source: the 55 richest actors alive in 2023.

Nijiro Murakami’s Girlfriend

Oguri Shun is his girlfriend.

Alice in Borderland Chisiya

If you are a fan of this series, this is most likely one of the characters that has had the largest impact on you and hides innumerable secrets.A character with no obvious feelings who calculates every move but we must admit that this character is one of the most intelligent and cunning of all history how has he survived how did he manage to reach the end of the games alive because he is never surprised and never worried as if he knows what actually happens that is why in this video we will study in detail the history and secrets of this character we present to you chishiya. Nijiro Murakami Played the role of chisiya in alice in borderland.

If you are a fan of everything related to dramas theories and curiosities of the series, one of the series that revolutionized Netflix was Alice in Borderland it is a series with a plot of terror and suspense the story shows us the life of some friends who fall into a kind of deadly game which is complicated day by day to kill almost everyone who is in it the story shows us the life of some friends who fall into a kind of deadly game which is complicated day by day to kill almost everyone who is in

The buddies were sharing and enjoying themselves in the city when everything changed. Millions of people vanished from the metropolis, leaving them alone.

We were always surprised by one specific character we always viewed with great suspicion as character who is so difficult to identify and so difficult to understand we are talking about shantaro chisiya one of the strangest characters in the game the first thing we have to start by saying about this character is that just when he started in the game we saw him

Remember how they had to get out of that building before it ultimately exploded in the first game? It was when the players were called to the second game that this game became one of the most remembered and horrifying as it was genuinely a highly disturbing game.

In that game, it appears that Chisiya(Nijiro Murakami ) knew what would happen, or at least that was the impression he made early on in the game when he climbs up to the seventh story and states that it will be a fantastic place and that from there he will have an excellent view.

We can see how he takes distance in each of his appearances and calmly plans and makes very wise decisions because he has been thinking about them for a long time throughout the story we saw how little by little he was planning his survival and we also saw how he used the trust of many to Prevail he made a plan to steal the cards and for this he needed Alice’s help

He detected Alice’s heart from the start and realized that she was a trustworthy person, and that her affections could cause him to lose the game, so he duped Alice into believing that they could steal the cards to get out of the beach house.

We eventually realized it was all a lie and that everything was done for his benefit so he could leave the house quickly.

Han the story was a feared and very rebellious character but apparently in real life he was a victim of abuse. It seems that like other characters, Naragi found a new meaning to life within the game so he decided to become the evil being we saw in the first season. Naragi and Shashia had problems in the past but had never resolved any this time Chisiya(Nijiro Murakami ) decided to take matters into her own hands.

We ultimately understood it was all a deception and that everything was done for him so he could get out of the house fast.

Han was a feared and fiercely independent figure in the story, but it seems that he was abused in real life. Like other characters, it appears that Naragi found a new purpose in the game, leading him to decide to transform into the wicked character we first met in the first season. Shashia and Naragi had previously clashed, but this time, Chisiya made the decision to handle things on her own.

According to the initial account, Shashia’s father practiced medicine in an unnamed speciality. The father and daughter hardly ever spoke as he focused on his computer work while surrounded by mounds of medical literature.

Lacking his parents’ love, Chisiya followed his father’s path to study at medical school as a surgical intern. He wanted to know if his father really cared about lives and wanted to see if saving lives could help him find an interest in life. However, the effort was in vain, as it becomes clear from the series that he apparently doesn’t care about anything and much less has an interest in anything.

He grew up with a hatred for society because he believes that society took his father away from him, which gives him an advantage over other players because he will never hesitate to use others for the win. This is a powerful weapon to protect his life in Borderland. Many people believe that he has hatred for all of humanity because his father dedicated his life to saving lives but never really gave him the love he needed.

Since he is calculating and extremely intelligent, we can see that his survival is not a result of superpowers or, contrary to popular belief, may even be a feature of the game; rather, it is a result of his capacity to not have feelings for anyone in particular. This enables him to anticipate everything and come up with clever plans to take advantage of those with weaker emotions. However, tell me what you really think of this character; tell me what stands out to you the most.

AwardsYearCategoryNominated Work(s)
Kinema Junpo Awards2017Best New ActorDestruction Babies
TAMA Film Awards2016Best New ActorDestruction Babies, Sayonara, The Firefly Summers
TAMA Film Awards2016Special Award (as an ensemble)Destruction Babies
Takasaki Film Festival2015Best New ActorStill the Water
Tokyo International Film Festival2018Gemstone AwardThe Gun
Yokohama Film Festival2017Best NewcomerDestruction Babies

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